Flight Simulator Magazine and Models


Magazines that can be downloaded at http://www.thefreeflightsite.com/CFS2_Magazine.htm

 Issue 1 May/June      

*Correcting Textures

*Using BGL Analyze

*Working with Batch Files.

Issue 2 July/Aug        

*Manipulate Flight Files

*What is a cfg file

*About GSL

*,Adding LODs to a model

*,About the "Hawker Tempest Mark V"

*Free Model of MC51.

Issue 3 Sept/Oct        

*Working with GSL Edit

*Working with Aiport for windows

*The Supermarine Spitfire

*Working with Dynamic Scenery

*much more.

Issue 4 Nov/Dec         

*Seasons in CFS2 ETO

*Converting Trees for Seasons

*BOB Airfields Now with Seasons

*New Model of White Cliffs of Dover

*much more.

Issue 5 Jan/Feb          

*HTML Interface

*More Trees for Seasons

*Edit Multi Batch Files Fast

*much more.

Issue 6 March/April   

*WWI in CFS2

*Combat Aces expansion pack

*More Trees for Seasons

*Free MK1 Tank and Big Gun

*much more.


Issue 7 May/June 2013.
First Birthday Edition.
*WWI in CFS2

*Dead and Damaged Trees

*WWI Traction Engine

*WWI barbed wire

*much more.

Issue 8 New for 2014

*CFS Library objects remodelled

*MTO-PTO Personnel by Capt. Kurt

*Intro to Project Phoenix

*CFS2 Editorial

*much more.

Issue 9  May 2014
*More CFS Library objects remodelled
*Battle of Britian, 110 missions by Rami
*More info on Project Phoenix
*CFS2 Editorial
*77 pages of great stuff.

Issue 10  January 2017
*More CFS Library objects remodelled
*Project Phoenix models now free
*CFS2 Editorial
*and much more

Issue 11  May 2018
*More CFS Library objects remodelled
* More Project Phoenix models now free
*CFS2 Editorial
*and much more


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